Insurance and Pension Facility for GST Registered Traders

GST Registered Traders

To prevent tax evasion and motivate traders to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST) duly on time, the Uttar Pradesh government is thinking of providing free contingency insurance and pension facilities to traders registered under GST.

The meeting held between the top officials of the Commerce Tax Department headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath indicated such measures to be taken by the UP government.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asked the officials of the Commercial Tax Department to expedite the process of GST and VAT collection so as to meet the target of Rs 77,640 crore in the current financial year.

Apart from this, CM also suggested to the Merchant Welfare Board and the Commercial Taxes Department to conduct awareness campaigns about the benefits of GST and enable traders to file GST returns and apply for refunds, which the zonal additional commissioners of the department The accompanying review meeting was held. Her house.

An awareness campaign should be conducted for traders with the help of the Merchant Welfare Board. Let them know that it is the right of the government to receive and hand over tax money to customers. The money is used in development work.

CM told him that the annual revenue target of Rs 77640.10 crore for the financial year 2019-20 should be met at any cost. He also directed to review the works of officers posted on the mobile team every 15 days. The Chief Minister said that a large number of traders will still require GST registration while giving instructions about the assurance of traders registered under GST.

He said that traders registered under GST will be given contingency insurance of Rs 10 lakh, which will greatly benefit them. Also, this will be considered to ensure the system of providing pension to GST registered traders. He directed the officials to provide complete information about the benefits of GST registration as well as its return filing to traders so that they can file their returns easily.

The Chief Minister said that the officials of the Commercial Tax Department should help the traders in filing returns. He also directed to constantly monitor the return filing and make the timely refund available to the traders. Also, the refund process should be simplified.

He said that the revenue derived from GST plays an important role in the progress and development of the country as well as the state. He directed the officials of the Commercial Tax Department that this work should be done with complete honesty and by accelerating the tax collection process, the revenue target to be collected under GST and VAT should be achieved at all costs. There should not be unnecessary harassment of traders in GST collection because taxpayers are not afraid to pay tax, instead, they are afraid of harassment.

“We have to eliminate this fear through our practice and also simplify the process of filing returns and refunds. For this, impart training to traders, ”he said.

The Chief Minister directed the officials of the Commercial Tax Department to inspect the annual turnover of the traders and ensure registration of the merchants whose turnover exceeds the limit prescribed under GST. This will enable large scale traders to get registered under GST and this will increase the revenue of the government under GST. With this measure, Uttar Pradesh can achieve the revenue collection target of one trillion rupees under GST in the next financial year.

“Considering the state’s population and the number of cities and towns, this target will be easily achieved,” he said.

Additionally, he also ordered the officials to find out the measures to assess the GST collected at the district level.

“If you decentralize the system, the administration will also help you. In addition, honor 10 merchants from each district who pay the highest GST. In addition, GST Day welcomes the highest tax-paying businessmen in the state, ”said Adityanath.

In the same meeting, he expressed disappointment at the small number of GST registrations i.e. 14 lakhs in the state. According to him, the number of merchants for GST registration should reach 25 lakhs.

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