Provident Fund Withdrawal: know when and how you can withdraw PF money online

Provident Fund Withdrawal

Provident Fund Withdrawal: The government had started the facility of PF of employed people to ensure that you do not face financial crisis in future and you continue to get pension in old age. Under this scheme of Employees Provident Fund Withdrawal Organization, some part of your salary gets deducted, which will fulfill many of your needs in future. With this money, the pension outline for your old age is also decided.

Recently, EPFO ​​Commissioner Sunil Barthwal had announced that after the KYC and UAN-Aadhaar linkage, all the claims of share holders are being prepared to settle within just three days. Know how and in how many days your PF (Provident Fund) money will come and how to apply online. However, our suggestion here will be that when it is very important and there is no money from any other source, then withdraw money from the PF account, because it is your preparation for your future.

Keep this thing in mind before withdrawing PF money online

To withdraw money online from EPF, first you need to ensure that your Universal Account Number (UAN) is activated. You do not need to provide any supporting documents to withdraw money online from EPF. Here, let me tell you one thing that you can withdraw some money from EPFO.

Once you clam, it will go to your company for approval and money will come to your account soon after it is approved. Till now, this money comes within 10 days, but EPFO ​​is preparing to do it soon within three days.

How and when you can withdraw PF money

You can withdraw money from your PF account for buying a house or for any construction work. But for this it is necessary that you have worked in the company for about 2.5 years. If you want to withdraw money for your siblings, daughter-son, or your marriage, then it is necessary for you to work in any company for 7 years.

This is the time limit to withdraw money for the education of children. You can withdraw money even before one year of retirement. For this, you must be over 54 years of age.

In this way, you can withdraw PF money online

  • First of all visit the official website of EPFO ​​https: // unifiedportal
  • After this, enter your UAN number, password and captcha code and login.
  • Then click on Manage option.
  • Check all the information on the KYC option and click on Online Services.
  • As soon as you click on the online service, a drop menu will open. From this, you have to click on Claim.
  • After doing so, click on Proceed For Online Claim to submit the claim form.

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