Tips to Avoid Fines When Getting Tax Returns Filed by CA

Tax Returns Filed

Tax Returns Filed: Most taxpayers in India seek help from a chartered accountant to file taxes on their behalf. Being an expert in CA, legal and tax compliance, you can easily get out of the range of tax compliance. If you are one of the many taxpayers who ask CA for help to file returns, this is important information for you.

In order to complete the tax filing process, the taxpayer must hand over his personal information such as mobile number, email ID and GST number to the CA and sharing personal information to another person may invite risks. It is not necessary that every time a CA helps you to file a return because CA’s careless behavior or other issues can increase your problems.

There are instances where the tax notice issued by the Supreme Court (SC) for the taxpayer did not reach him due to negligence by the CA. As a result, the taxpayer was convicted for not responding to the notices and was directed by the court to pay the fine. Upon investigation, it was revealed that all those notices were sent on behalf of that taxpayer to his CA.

To this, the Supreme Court held that the notice sent to the taxpayer or his CA is considered valid by law. Now there is a big question mark on the mechanism, which a CA follows to inform the taxpayer (his client) about various notices or other information by the IT department. It is mandatory to note that every notice of the Income Tax Department should be addressed to the taxpayer or CA concerned.

Highlighting instances of negligence by the CA, “CNBC Awaz” said in an exclusive interview that the taxpayer should have access to his login ID and e-mail so that he could switch to his account anytime and do his pending investigation Could. Compliance and notice (if any) by the department.

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