GST: Aadhaar Certification is Now a Key Requirement to Qualify as a Dealer

Aadhaar Certification

Taking note of the current scenario, where GST evasion is hurting society, the GST regime is doing anything to eradicate the plague. Taking a step forward towards the mission, the government came up with a new provision that mandates Aadhaar Certification or physical verification for all new dealers who register in 2020.

Earlier Aadhaar Certification was optional but now it has become a major requirement for anyone to qualify as a registered dealer in India.

Sushil Kumar Modi, a deputy CM of Bihar and a minister in the GST Council, said, “In the last two years, we have encountered a good number of fraudulent dealers who are making fake invoices and misleading the tax administration. As a way to avoid such a situation, Aadhaar authentication will now become mandatory for registration as a dealer, which was previously optional. “

Traders for whom Aadhaar authentication has not been done will have to undergo a physical verification which will be a three-day course monitoring by a government official.

GST refunds for taxpayers are another big thing for tax governance, so GSTN landed on the decision by the central GST or state GST to release all refund payments online from a single source. Will be applicable from 24 September

Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said that GSTN proposed to include very simple rules in the system starting from 1 January 2020.

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